Police stores found abandoned in unfinished building in Masindi

Some police attrie found abandoned in a building in Masindi municipality (Courtesy photos)

Some police stores have been abandoned in an unfinished building at Northern Cell in Central Division, Masindi Municipality.

The attire was discovered by a private security guard, Mr Geoffrey Aleku, deployed on sentry at a communication company installation in the area.

These included clothes, a cap and a belt.

The private guard told our reporter today (Tuesday) that while on his way back home from duty in the morning; he decided to check the unfinished building where he found the stores. He said he did this after he was requested by the village authorities to always monitor the area in an effort to curb criminality there.

Mr Aleku added that after seeing the police stores, he informed the village chairman, Mr Denis Mayanja.

Audio: Aleku on police stores (English)

Mr Mayanja said on getting the information from the guard, he visited the scene before informing the District Police Commander, Mr Vincent Irama.

The chairman said the unfinished building has become a haven for criminals who terrorise the area.

An unfinished building where police attire was found abandoned at Northern Cell in Central Division, Masindi Municipality.

He appealed to the higher authorities to investigate the source of the stores and force owners of unfinished buildings in the area to complete them to avoid being a hide out of criminals.

Audio: Mayanja on police stores (Runyoro/Rutooro)

 A team of police officers who declined to talk to the press took the attire from the building.

When contacted, the Albertine region police spokesperson, Mr Julius Allan Hakiza, said he was not aware of matter by press time.

The area authorities enacted a bylaw that compels owners of undeveloped plots to surrender them to people to grow crops there as a way of fighting crime in the area.


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