Pornography control committee warns schools about increasing homosexuality

Dr Annet Kasimbazi Kezaabu, Chairperson Pornographic Control Committee at the Directorate of Ethics and Integrity.

The Pornographic Control Committee at the Directorate of Ethics and Integrity has warned that schools are now the prime target for Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) communities.

The committee chairperson, Dr Annet Kezaabu, says following the immoral act, there is urgent attention to be exercised from every stakeholder to deal with the vice.

She says the LGBT community is now using schools to recruit, groom, initiate, teach and later turn learners into agents of change in a wicked manner.

Dr Kezaabu adds that these schools are being trapped with incentives majorly scholarships; encouraging parents to be more vigilant.

She calls for more awareness around children by guiding them to resist gifts and items from people they barely know.

Dr Kezabu’s concerns come after the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, the Rt Rev Dr Samuel Stephen Kaziimba Mugalu, publicly confessed that they had received reports of a group of underground individuals on a mission to recruit school-going children into homosexuality.

He advised the government to set up a mechanism for learners to report individuals recruiting school-going children into the immoral act.


  1. The committee should take action and speak out as the authority by mentioning some of the schools so far infiltrated by homosexuals other than talking about it flat like a simple issue. It should also talk about the funders of the vice. However no wonder because the bible foretold all those as happenings of the last days. Our world is soon hitting records of the days of Sodom.


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