Premier distillers on spot over discharge of waste into River Kafu

Premier Distillers in Kyankwanzi.

There is a public outcry against Premier Distillers – makers of spirits in Kyankwanzi District, after it emerged that it is reportedly emptying its waste into River Kafu.

Residents from 15 villages adjacent to the distillery say the head and tails discharge is adulterating the river, thus, denying them water for domestic use and also suffocating and killing fish that they have been using as food for time age-old.

They also complain that besides, the factory emits a strong interminable reek that is detrimental to their health.

Hailing from Kiryabicooli, Kiryandongo, Baranywa, Kisija, Kalangala, Kisodo, Ntonzi, and Kyerimira among other villages, the residents say ever since the factory began its operations there, their quality of life is being compromised day in, day out.

Mr Robert Asaba, a resident of Kisija, says from the day the factory started producing the spirits, the residents started struggling for clean water in vain since the waste from the distillery is discharged into the river.

He urges the authorities to reign over Premier Distillers so they can stop contaminating the river water that is consumed by both humans and domestic animals besides being a breeding ground for the fish they use for food.

Sound bite: Asaba on distillery (Runyoro/Rutooro)

Mr Patrick Aheebwa, a farmer who uses River Kafu for irrigation, says he is numb-stricken since he can no longer use the water that is contaminated with hazardous waste from the factory.

He says once irrigated with that water, seedlings dry up.

Sound bite: Asaba on distillery (Luganda)

The Baranywa Sub-county Chairman, Mr Umar Nsubuga, says despite the public outcry, Premier Distillers has kept a deaf ear as the Kafu River and people’s health continue to be undesirably affected by water and air pollution.

He appeals for higher authorities’ intervention to reverse the already unpleasant phenomenon in the district that is putting the lives of people, animals and fish at stake.

Sound bite: Nsubuga on distillery (Luganda)

Efforts to get a comment from the Managing Director Premier Distillers, one Mr Muti, were unproductive since the security detail at the distillery premises were obstinate to allow our access to him.


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