Primate calls for commitment to 2024 elections in South Sudan

Leader of the Episcopal Church in South Sudan (ECSS) Dr. Justin Badi Arama (Radio Tamazuj)

The Primate of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan (ECSS), Justin Badi Arama, has called on the transitional government to honour its commitment to conduct elections at the end of the next year in accordance with the established roadmap.

This appeal was made during the conclusion of the House of Bishops Conference, which convened 63 Bishops of the ECSS from across the country. Speaking on behalf of the Bishops, Arama urged the government to take all necessary measures to ensure the fulfillment of its promise to hold elections in December 2024.

Additionally, the church expressed support for the reconstitution of election bodies and urged the government to promptly swear in members of the National Constitutional Review Commission (NCRC) and National Election Commission (NEC) to initiate their work without delay.

“It was clearly stated in the roadmap that there will be an election in 2024. As a church, we emphasize the importance of doing everything possible to ensure the realization of this election,” stressed Arama.

While acknowledging uncertainties about the government’s readiness, Arama urged, “Let them commit to what they have declared and take concrete steps to make it happen. We call on the government to promptly swear in members of the Constitution Review Commission and the Electoral Commission to initiate their work, recognizing that time for the election is running out.”

He further highlighted the need for the government and development partners to allocate the necessary resources to the Electoral Commission, allowing them to establish their office and commence the election processes.

The ECSS also appealed to the government to enhance security nationwide, ensuring the safe movement of citizens.

Expressing their concern, the Bishops addressed the recurring conflicts between the Ngok Dinka community of Abyei Administrative Area and the Twic Mayardit community of Twic County in Warrap State.

In the recent clashes between the two communities, a tragic toll of at least 30 lives lost has been reported.

The Anglican church is urgently appealing to President Salva Kiir to intervene and facilitate a solution that promotes peaceful coexistence between the Dinka Ngok and Twic Mayardit communities.

Highlighting the persistent intercommunal violence, Badi emphasized, “There has been ongoing conflict between Dinka Ngok and Twic Mayardit. Therefore, we call upon the government to intervene, as it possesses the authority to control firearms in the hands of civilians.”

Badi further urged the Unity government to promptly step in and put an end to the ongoing bloodshed between the two communities.

Source: Radio Tamazuj.


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