Private Sector urged to join environmental conservation efforts

The Private sector has been challenged to pick interest in environmental conservation since it determines all affairs of human activities and life.

While speaking as the Guest of Honour at the national commemoration of the World Environment Day held at Nyabyeya Forestry College in Masindi district yesterday, Mr  Tom Choptoris, Former Minister for Water and Environment noted the private sector has done little or nothing to restore the environment yet they contribute greatly to environmental degradation.

“I t is important for the private sector in Bunyoro region and the entire country to join other stakeholders to protect and restore the environment. The better investment environment can only be assured when there is a better natural environment” he said.

He stressed that environment is the central resource to human welfare, needs and services.

“It should therefore be protected and sustainably used for it to address our needs, give value and perform its purpose to mankind”, added Choptoris

Mr Choptoris stressed that all Ugandans need to appreciate the interdependence of ecosystems to be able to respect the environment as they strive to emancipate themselves economically.

At the same function, Joab Businge, the Masindi municipality Member of Parliament pledged his commitment to work with other leaders to promote environmental protection.

“As MPs in Masindi district, we are going to join hands to ensure that environment restoration is given first priority. But we need all stakeholders on board including residents, local government leaders and the central government”, said Mr Businge.

Meanwhile Dr. Tom Okurut, the Executive Director for the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) hailed Masindi district Local Government (LG) for restoring over 200 acres of degraded wetlands since last year.

“It is not too much but it will absolutely cause a great change to the ecosystem in the region”, he said.

The theme for 2021 World Environment Day commemoration for Uganda was; Sustaining Uganda’s Ecosystems for Sustainable Development.


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