Quack veterinarian escapes arrest in Hoima

Nathan Rwabona, a quack veterinarian made to sit in the Mid western region National Drug Authority office in Hoima City before escaping from the authorities. (Photo: Gad Asaba).

A man identified as Nathan Rwabona, a born of Ntungamo District on Friday escaped being arrested in Hoima city after he was reported selling unauthorised veterinary drugs to herders and impersonating as a veterinary doctor.

The National Drug Authority (NDA) board chairman, Dr Medard Bitekyerezo, told the press that it was the second time that Rwabona escaped arrest by a whisker after the first one when he escaped in Mbarara.

Dr Bitekyerezo said Rwabona has for long been selling drugs harmful to animal health in western region adding that any attempts to apprehend him have been hitting a snag since he amazingly slip away from the authorities in a sneaky style.

The veterinarian said six months ago, Rwabona who was operating Pearl Dairy in Mbarara, fled from the authorities to Hoima where he was found engaging in the same act selling drugs dangerous to animals as well as impersonating as a veterinary doctor.

Although he was arrested in Hoima and taken to the NDA mid western region head office in Hoima city for interrogation, Rwabona again escaped from the police and NDA officials and jumped on a boda-boda motorcycle at Kiryateete Cell in East Division, Hoima city to an unknown destination.

Audio: Bitekyerezo on Rwabona (Runyankole/Rukiga)
Dr Medard Bitekyerezo displays to the press bottles of fake veterinary drug that Rwabona has been selling to herders in Hoima. (Photo: Gad Asaba).

Bitekyerezo revealed that Rwabona, a senior four dropout, works with a group of other youths that traverses western region selling fake drugs.

Audio: Bitekyerezo on warning (Runyankole/Rukiga)

Dr Bernard Sebwomu, NDA’s Senior Regulatory Officer, said several people have been arrested in Tooro region after been found selling such concocted drugs as Mutambirante and Cataract Remover which are not regulated by NDA.

The arrests followed an operation that was mounted to clamp down on illegal veterinary operations in Kyenjojo, Kabarole, Kyegegwa, Kamwenge, Kitagwenda and Bunyanabu districts.

Audio: Sebwomu on impersonators (Luganda)


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