Rains frustrate bean harvest in Greater Hoima, farmers count losses

A farmer in Kyarusheisha Village, Kyangwali Sub-county in Kikuube District grapples drying her beans as rain continues to wet gardens (Image: Sulaiti/Kazi-njema News)

During and post-harvest handling of crops stands as a key challenge amongst farmers in Hoima and Kikuube Districts.

Mr Richard Tumwesige, a farmer from Kaigo village in Kiziramfumbi sub-county has told Kazi-njema News that drying crops especially beans is a big challenge being faced at this time when rains are expected to have reduced basing on normal seasons.

According to him, they are incurring extra costs to hire labour for urgent harvesting and procuring tarpaulins.

He adds that handling of crops harvested in rainy weather becomes more complex to bring benefits.

“A lot is lost due to lack of space to store wet beans. One cannot unhusk them when they are wet. You need a big covered space to keep them,” he says.

Mr Emmanuel Tumusiime, a farmer from Kijumba village in Kabaale sub-county, Hoima district wonders how he will pay back money he borrowed to facilitate cultivation since there are signs of losses due to rain.

Mr Fred Gahwerra, a renowned produce dealer in Hoima city, says the poor quality beans have affected the market and triggered delays in marketing of the produce to Kampala and South Sudan dealers.

“You have to renegotiate with the farmer first and afterwards you look for people to sort the beans to ensure that you get the quality that you will also be able to sell. It involves price cutting,” he discloses.

The produce dealer who is commonly known as Brown advises farmers to sort their beans well or else they will face more challenges when they reach town.

Mr Desire Nkurunziza, the Nyairongo village chairman in Kabwoya sub-county, Kikuube district says indeed farmers have lost a lot in growing beans but they may score on other crops like maize and sorghum that need this rain.

“For beans, many have given up because it has continued to rain. But farmers should now focus on other crops from which they can earn and maximise the profits there to compensate for this loss,” he says.

Efforts to get a comment from Production Officers for Hoima and Kikuube districts were futile as their known phones remained off.

Reports show that bean harvest may be poor all over Bunyoro region since heavy rains have also been reported in Greater Kibaale and parts of Greater Masindi during the harvesting season.

Those with beans should consider securing beans for domestic consumption before selling off because prices might soar in January, February and March.


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