RDC warns on sugarcane growing as tobacco reduces in Bunyoro

Hoima Deputy Resident District Commissioner, Richard Tabaaro.

The Hoima Deputy Resident District Commissioner (RDC), Richard Tabaaro, has cautioned farmers against illogical engagement in sugarcane growing if they are to benefit from the developments associated with the oil industry in Bunyoro.

The Presidential representative was quoted by Kazi-njema News as saying that he could personally not advise anybody with less than 10 acres of land to engage in sugarcane growing warning that taking the risk, exposes the community to famine and malnutrition.

He cautioned that the phasing threat of tobacco farming that exposed many to food insecurity in the past decades should not be replaced with sugarcane growing, tipping those with small pieces of land to emphasise on food crops which they can sell and eat.

According him, food crop farmers will benefit from the roads and other infrastructure through transporting their produce to the markets.

“The government has played its part of building roads as we can now see multi-billion projects being commissioned. We should look forward because if you all grow sugarcane, who will supply food to the other? Let some grow sugarcane and they provide a cassava market for you,” advised Mr Tabaaro.

Audio: Tabaaro on sugarcane growing (Runyankole/Rukiga)

The deputy RDC said this during the commissioning of roads constructed under the Albertine Regional Sustainable Development Project (ARSDP) last week.

The sugarcane industry is rapidly growing in Bunyoro with some sustainable development minded leaders and environmental activists puzzled about mitigating the side effects of the industry to the environment and food security in the near and far future.

The Kikuube District Production Officer, Dr Michael Ntume, recently told our reporter that more than 30 per cent of the population there has resorted to sugarcane growing.

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