Road signpost vandalism a death trap in Kikuube

The Kikuube District Local Government Vice Chairman, Mr Vincent Alpha Opio. (Image: Gad Asaba)

Greed for quick money has seen some people embark on vandalising road signposts in Kikuube District resulting in road carnage that has so far claimed a number of people’s lives leaving others injured.

Vandalism have been realised on Hoima-Buhuka, Hoima-Fort Portal and Kabaale-Kiziramfumbi Roads among others, according to the district local government vice chairman, Mr Vincent Alpha Opio.

Kamili Binkwasa and Jimmy Wamara who were residents of Kikoonda village in Kabwoya sub-county and Kibbararu village in Buhimba sub-county respectively, are people who died in road crashes less than a fortnight ago.

Mr Opio partly attributes road crashes to vandalised signposts saying some people drive or ride without knowing what lies ahead of the road not because the concerned authorities like road constructors, the district and the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) do not alert them, but due to some people who want to make quick money at the expense of especially human life.

He says besides losing life to accidents, the district bleeds financially as it also injects a lot of money in having those signposts in place which ultimately end up being destroyed.

The vice chairman reveals that at least 30 road signs have been vandalised in the district with the least expensive costing Shs200,000 while the most expensive costing Shs1m. To him, the district has so far lost approximately Sh10m to signpost vandals that were meant to alert road users on what lies ahead of the road so they can either drive or ride cautiously.

Mr Opio says these expensive signposts are cut and sold to scrap dealers by some youth who sell them at a shockingly low price compared to how much they were purchased.

He warns youths against involving in criminal acts like destroying infrastructure that is beneficial to the community or be subjected to legal action.

Audio: Opio on signpost vandalism (English)


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