Sawe pledges to construct facility for children with special needs

Some of the special needs people who participated in a "Fashion for a Cause" event hosted by Sawe Creations at Encanto Tapas Bar in Kisementi, Kampala on September 27, 2023.

In order to provide better accommodation infrastructure for children with special needs, Sawe Creations pledges to contribute to the construction of the much-needed rehabilitation centre for these exceptional children.

Ms Catherine Sawe, the initiator of Sawe Creations, pledges to donate 10 per cent of the sales generated from the event promoting indigenous Ugandan styles and patterns to support children with special needs in partnership with Dawn Children Centre and Special Children’s Trust in Kampala.

Dubbed “Fashion for a Cause,” participants at the event that showcased a range of high quality, hand-crafted clothing and accessories for babies and adults and interior designs infused with an African flavour contributed to the betterment of young lives at Dawn’s Children Centre.

One of the models at the event, Ms Musti Balinda, who has been living with vitiligo – a condition that causes one’s skin to lose colour, said the initiative of this kind causes a positive contribution to sensitise and raise awareness of skin conditions and empower people living with disabilities in Uganda.

Also, Ms Husna Kukundakwe, a para Olympian holding six African records in para-swimming and represented Uganda in the 2021 Tokyo Paralympic Games participated in the fashion event  that Ms Sawe says promotes culture, amplifies stories, preserves Uganda’s heritage and strengthens the community.

Ms Sawe added that fashion can be a force for good and with commitment to style and philanthropy, it leaves a lasting impact on the community.

The curated event seamlessly blended fashion, artistic flair and a noble spirit of giving back.


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