Severe floods hit parts of Upper Nile in South Sudan

Floods hit parts of Melut County in South Sudan’s Upper Nile State.

Fresh floods have hit parts of Melut County in South Sudan’s Upper Nile State, displacing hundreds of residents, local authorities have said. 

Mr Lual Chol, the acting Melut County commissioner, told Radio Tamazuj that the floods started after River Nile burst its banks, displacing hundreds of residents in the Dentima area.

“On December 24, the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) and I went to the affected area of Dentima. The area was occupied by those displaced from Jingle in 2013. Floods have submerged parts of the area leaving several people without food and shelter. The rest of the areas in the county are not affected because of elevation,” Mr Chol explained. 

He appealed to aid agencies to carry out an assessment and come to the aid of the flood victims. 

Mr Antony Tong, the camp’s chairperson, said several households in parts of the camp have been without food and shelter since December 22. 

“Half of the camp has been overrun by the floods. Some of us stayed in the open and the rest went to the other camp blocks not affected. The floods have affected about 2, 000 people,” Mr Tong said.

Mr Wuor Deng, the county RRC coordinator, also appealed for humanitarian intervention, saying several tens of households have been affected in parts of the county.

“In Dentima, 3,000 people are affected. Other Payams like Tangrial, Rorayik, Nyikumi, and Wungoc are also affected. They direly need food and shelter,” Mr Deng said.


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