Stakeholders urged to be neutral during election exercise

Mid western Region Anti-corruption Coalition (MIRAC) Executive Director, Ismail Kusemererwa, speaks during a training for election observers at Hoima Resort Hotel in Hoima City.

As Uganda heads to the polls this year, the Mid Western Region Anti-corruption Coalition (MIRAC) Executive Director has urged security agencies across the country to cooperate with observers during the general elections.

Speaking at a training workshop for election observers from Bunyoro region at Country Inn in Masindi today (Saturday), Mr Ismail Kusemererwa said there is need for security agents to work in harmony with election observers during the execution of their duty at polling stations since the latter’s role is provided for in the laws of Uganda.

He also urged the election observers to exhibit a high level of ethics and follow the code of conduct for them to produce neutral reports about the poll.

Audio: Kusemererwa on call (English)

Mr Kusemererwa revealed that more than 140 election observers will be deployed to different polling stations across Bunyoro adding that the ongoing trainings are aimed at preparing them for the assignment.

He said Civil Society Organisations want to have credible reports about election observation that will be submitted to relevant stakeholders with right recommendations on what needs to be done for better future elections.

Audio: Kusemererwa on training (English)

Speaking as chief guest, the Masindi Deputy Resident District Commissioner, Longino Baheebwa, urged the election observers to be neutral in the execution of their work so they can produce credible reports.

He said some election observers are always partisan and end up making biased reports focusing on negative eventualities only to discredit the exercise in favour of their political sides likening them to journalists saying they look at and report negative issues.

Audio: Baheebwa on appeal (English)

Mr Baheebwa advised all stakeholders in the electoral exercise including election observers, journalists and police constables among others to get accreditation from the Electoral Commission headquarters before going to their duty polling stations, warning that any accreditation from the district registrar will not be allowed.

Audio: Baheebwa on accreditation (English)


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