State House seeks Shs95b to buy new cars for president, vice president

Uganda's President Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Museveni.

State House has requested an additional budget allocation of Shs95.5b to procure vehicles for the President and Vice President, security equipment and others.

The request is carried in the State House Budget Framework Paper for the next financial year 2023/2024 that was presented to Parliament’s Presidential Affairs Committee by the Minister for Security, Mr Jim Muhwezi.

In the current financial year 2022/2023, the State House received Shs434.4b and it is proposed to receive Shs419.9b next financial year.

But documents before the committee indicate that the Vote got a budget cut in the current financial year of Shs38b (of which Shs8b being for travel abroad while Shs30b being for donations and Shs4.93b on the development budget.

For the next financial year 2023/2024, Mr Muhwezi said there is another 40 per cent cut on the development budget of the State House totaling Shs14.48b.

Ms Jessica Ababiku, the Adjumani Woman MP, said that the committee will have an engagement with the Ministry of Finance to ensure that the activities that are not funded can be provided money to avoid supplementary budgets.

Besides the budget cut in the coming financial year, Mr Muhwezi said that the State House will need an additional 95.5 billion Shillings for among others procuring vehicles for the President and Vice President at Shs21.95b considering the aging fleet for the two, Shs13.46b for upgraded security equipment, Shs972m for an upward revision of insurance policies of the Presidential Jet and Helicopter.

Also required is Shs8b for travel abroad, Shs30b for donations, increasing wages by Shs4.2b due to ongoing recruitments to fill key positions, and Shs16.98b staff allowances.

In the budget estimates presented by Ms Immaculate Namala the Principal Economist, Shs21.72b has been allocated under the Retooling State House sub-programme to refurbish Entebbe State House, repair and maintain Nakasero State Lodge and the 23 upcountry state lodges.

The Ministry of Finance has also proposed an allocation of Shs72.1b towards different presidential initiatives like investigating corruption cases, inspecting service delivery in health facilities and others, Shs172.4b for facilitating the President in promoting international relations, hosting Heads of State and foreign dignitaries, mobilising local and foreign investors and others.

State House has also proposed an allocation of Shs153.6b to facilitate 1,750 programmes of both the president and vice president through logistical support, welfare, and security requirements.

The National Budget Frame Work Paper totaling Shs49.9t was tabled before parliament on December 23 and according to the Public Finance Management Act, the House is supposed to make its approval by February 1.


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