Robber unintentionally shoots fellow dead in Nwoya

The body of an unidentified robber lays at Anaka General Hospital in Nwoya District. He was mistakenly shot dead by a fellow robber at Kinene Trading Centre in Lungulu Sub-county, Nwoya District yesterday after the bullet went off target.

An unidentified robber unintentionally shot dead his unidentified fellow on Thursday night during a robbery at Kinene Trading Centre in Lungulu Sub-county, Nwoya District.

Reports indicate that the incident took place at around 9pm when three robbers armed with a rifle riding on two motorcycles entered a shop belonging to a man identified only as Oola.

An eye witness told Kazi-njema News that one of the robbers flashed a light directly in Mr Oola’s eyes, ordered him to hand over money before another one immediately fired a bullet that went off target and instead hit one of the robbers into the back and died instantly.

Mr Denis Atube, the Lungulu Sub-county LC 3 Chairman told our reporter that the body was taken to Anaka General Hospital.

“The robbers approached the shopkeeper pretending to buy something before one of them fired a bullet with intent to kill him. The shopkeeper narrowly escaped unhurt as he quickly took cover”, Mr Atube said.

“A keen look at the unidentified deceased robber shows that he was the one who pretended to buy something but the bullet went off target and instead hit him into the back,” he added.

When contacted, the Nwoya District Police Commander, Mr Filbert Waibi, confirmed the report.

“It’s true there was a gunshot from those suspected robbers but for now the information is very scanty to be shared with the public,” Mr Waibi told this online news portal.


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