Terra FM credited for promoting environmental conservation in Dei [Interview]

Mr John Waringo at his home on Dei Landing Site of Lake Albert. (Image: Kazi-njema News)

An old man living on Dei landing site of Dei Sub-county in Pakwach District has hailed Radio Terra FM for the positive change in his lifestyle in relation to climate change response.

In a special interview with Kazi-njema online radio reporter, Mr John Waringo said he never believed that it makes sense for Lakers to green their compounds as they hoped it was all about unstoppable windy and sandy conditions.

“With the coming of Terra FM, we got a close attachment and they paid much attention on environment and human rights issues. They have truly opened our eyes,” he said.

Mr Waringo has planted grass at his home which is just some metres away from the lake shore just adjacent to the Uganda-DR Congo frontier – Uganda’s West Nile and DRC’s Mahagi territory.

The old man hopes to acquire land away from the lake to diversify his income since relying on Lake Albert for income is becoming difficult as traditional and some affordable fishing gears have been outlawed.

Audio: Waringo on radio’s environmental conservation programmes (English voice over)

Ms Jane Anrwoth, a resident of Kolokoto in DRC, said they love the radio for pointing at community concerns with freedom from fear and in the clearest signal.

Terra FM which hit the airwaves in the DRC side of the border area with Uganda, became popular to the Laker populations in Mahagi territory in DR Congo and Pakwach, Buliisa, Hoima, Kikuube and Kagadi districts on the side of Uganda.

Mr Yona Okello a.k.a. Pacu-pacu, the Terra FM Programme Director, said their programmes will remain focused on environmental and human rights issues in order to support the sustainable development agenda.

“You know, there are many environmental and human rights issues in this region,” he said.


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