Kitgum police detain three over murder

Aswa River Regional police spokesperson, Jimmy Patrick Okema (File photo)

Police in Kitgum are holding three people in connection with the death of Morris Nyero, a resident of Balongo Tegot Village in Pella Parish, Omiya-anyima Sub-county in Kitgum District.

A police report indicates that Nyero, 41, was drunk at the time he was forcibly pushed out of a shop before landing on a stone unceremoniously, thus, sustaining a fatally deep cut in his head.

He died on Sunday, September 20, 2020.

Mr Jimmy Patrick Okema, the Aswa River Regional Police Spokesperson, told our reporter today (Tuesday) that police have since apprehended Nelson Tabu, the shopkeeper, Betty Arach and Richard Okeny to help in investigations.

The police officer says Nyero’s lifeless body was found laying in a pool of blood adjacent to Tabu’s shop adding that the police visited the scene of crime and recorded statements from relevant witnesses.

“We don’t know the intention of the killing but we are keeping the suspects to help us with investigations into the murder,” says Mr Okema.

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