Three perish in Nwoya road accident

Aswa River regional police spokesperson, Mr Jimmy Patrick Okema. (Photo: Kazi-njema News).

Three people have died in an accident involving a police truck along the Pakwach-Karuma Highway in Nwoya District.

The deceased have been identified as Denis Opiyo, 17, a motorcyclist, Gloria Adong and Nancy Ayaa.

Prisca Akidi, 19, who was also riding on Opiyo’s motorcycle, survived with serious injuries in the accident that occurred at around 3pm few metres from Agung trading centre in Anaka sub-county, Nwoya district.

She was rushed to Anaka General Hospital where she is being managed medically.

The trio met their demise while riding on a red Bajaj motorcycle registration number UEV 202 X collided with a police HINO truck registration number UP 5638 driven by Bosco Abega.

An eye witness told Kazi-njema News that Opiyo who was carrying the three women from their garden joined the main road without glancing to both sides to ascertain the presence of other traffic on the road.

 He, thus, rammed into a police vehicle that was carrying 26 Field Force Unit (FFU) police personnel en-route to Katwakwi district from Ikafe in Yumbe district.

“The rider who came from the feeder road didn’t bother to stop yet it is a highway. He just joined the road ramming into a police hard body truck that crushed and killed them instantly. In fact, one of the women survived by God’s mercy although she is in excruciating pain. She was the last on the seat of the motorcycle,” the eye witness who did not to identify himself to this website said.

Mr Jimmy Patrick Okema, the Aswa River regional police spokesperson, confirmed the report saying a file vide NWOYA 47/2020 has been opened at Nwoya central police station and statements from eye witnesses recorded.

Mr Okema described the incidence as regrettable, calling upon all road users to always observe traffic rules and regulations to avoid such accidents.

“We often times sensitise the community about road safety but many don’t take it seriously and these are the results for not heeding to advice on road safety precaution,” he said.

The police officer said the truck was parked at Nwoya police station while the bodies were handed over to the relatives for burial.

A police officer who asked for anonymity because he is not allowed to talk to the press said Bosco Abega, the police driver, who was involved in the accident, was released on police bond due to the nature of how the accident happened.

“At times we also look at the circumstances under which the accident occurred. And in this case, the driver was just on the right since he was on the main road and was instead knocked by the rider,” he said.

The police officer said had Opiyo not died, he would be charged and prosecuted in courts of law.

“It’s unfortunate now that the rider has died. Otherwise, he was going to be held responsible and charged with reckless driving,” he added.


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