Two drown in Nwoya, Amuru

A man searching for the body of a five- year-old child, Jonathan Owachgiu,from Pajengo Village in Got Apwoyo Sub-county, Nwoya district. The child drowned in January 2016.

Two people have drowned while swimming in two separate rivers in Nwoya and Amuru Districts.

One of the deceased has been identified as Brian Byamukama, 19, resident of Kabango Village in Kabango Parish, Budongo Sub-county in Masindi District.

The Dog Aswa Village chairman, Mr Richard Loka Ojok, said Byamukama, was a casual labourer who met his demise at around 7pm on November 1, 2020, when he went to bathe in Twii stream immediately after arrival in Dog Aswa village, Lunglulu Suin in Nwoya District.

The chairman told Kazi-njema News that on arrival, the deceased as hired by a farm owner in the area but immediately after arrival, he asked for a place where he could bathe since he was tired due to the long journey he had travelled.

He was directed to a nearby Twii stream but cautioned not to swim in it since it has deep water lest he drown.

“He was hired from Masindi district by a farm owner to go for casual labour. However, on reaching the farm he [Byamukama] asked for a place where he could bathe and was directed to the stream. He wouldn’t have met his death if at all he listened to the advice since he first started with bathing before jumping into the stream to swim”, Mr Ojok said.

When contacted, Mr Kenneth Agaba, the Officer in Charge of Nwoya police station confirmed the report.

Byamukama’s body was retrieved from the water and arrangements to take it to Masindi were underway by press time.

In a related report, police in Aswa have also recovered the body of a 15-year-old male juvenile who drowned in River Unyama in Amuru district.

The deceased was identified as James Tako, a Madi by tribe and resident of Elegu East in Amuru district.

It took two days for the Police Fire Brigade to retrieve the body at around 4:30pm after intense search.

According to a police report, Teko drowned at around 3pm while swimming with his brother Patrick Orama also aged 13 years old.

Mr Jimmy Patrick Okema, the Aswa River region police spokesperson said a case of suspected drowning was recorded vide SD Ref:  03/01/11/2020 at Elegu police fire station.

The body was handed over to the relatives for burial as investigations into the actual cause of the death go on.

In January 2016, a five-year-old boy, Jonathan Owachgiu, from Parongo Village in Got Apwoyo Sub-county, Nwoya District drowned in a river.


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