Two perish in Lake Albert

Fishermen at Kiryamboga fishing village in Toonya Parish, Buseruka Sub-county in Hoima District.

Two fishermen have drowned in Lake Albert at Kiryamboga landing site in Toonya Parish, Buseruka Sub-county in Hoima District.

Our reporter, William Kyalisiima identifies the duo as Angomoko Jakwonga, 27, and Joseph Jabila, 19.

The Kiryamboga Village Chairman, Mr Geoffrey Byensi, attributed the Tuesday night accident to strong winds that hit the fishing boat before it capsized and claimed the two lives.

The chairman told Kazi-njema News that at the time of the accident, three people were on the boat including Mr Jakwonga Openjmungu who survived.

Mr Byensi said that Mr Opemjmungu swam but before he reached ashore, he was rescued by other fishermen.  

Mr Charles Onega, who witnessed the boat capsize while he was also fishing said that the accident occurred in a distance, thus, making it hard it to reach the victims within the shortest possible time to be rescued.

The Albertine regional police publicist, Mr Julius Allan Hakiza, said by publication time, police were yet to dispatch divers to join the fishermen searching for the two bodies.

Despite calls and advice to always wear life jackets, fishermen on Lake Albert have for long kept a deaf ear resulting in common water accidents.

Previous Lake Albert accidents

In May this year, two fishermen drowned in Lake Albert after their boat was hit by strong winds.

In May 2019, 17 footballers and their fans drowned after a boat they were travelling in capsized near Fofo landing site in Buseruka sub-county, Hoima district. The boat was carrying more than 50 players and fans when a strong wind hit it. These were travelling to Runga landing site in Kibiro parish, Kigorobya sub-county in Hoima district for a friendly football match.

On Christmas Day 2016, 30 members of a village team and their fans drowned in Lake Albert in Buliisa district. These were heading from Kaweibanda landing site for a friendly football match at Runga landing site in Kibiro parish, Kigorobya sub-county in Hoima district.


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