Uganda’s diabetes herbal remedy herbalist fears for his life

    David Ssenfuka says he is receiving death threats from unknown people over his herbal remedy that treats diabetes and cancer. (Courtesy photo).

    Mr David Ssenfuka, the man whose herbal remedy heals diabetes has said he fears for his life after getting death threats from unknown people.

    Mr Ssenfuka is the proprietor of Leona-NNN-Medical Research and Diagnostics centre that produces herbal drugs that government recently said has the potential to treat cancer and diabetes after the National Chemotherapeutics Research Institute (NCRI) duly conducted preclinical analysis on the firm’s herbal products.

    However, yesterday (Thursday), Ssenfuka told journalists that he has been receiving death threats on his phone over his herbal remedy.

    “One told me he had been hired to kill me. He described how I was dressed and repeated the statements I had made during the day,” Mr Ssenfuka told journalists yesterday.

    The herbal researcher claims he has also been trailed by unknown people that he suspects want to finish him off over his herbal remedy.

    According to Mr Samuel Ampaire, one of the staff at Mr Ssenfuka’s company, the death threats are sent from outside Uganda.

    “The senders were sending him death threats ordering him to stop his research projects or else he and his staff would lose their lives,” Mr Ampaire said.

    Mr Ssenfuka says that whereas there are other research projects they have embarked on, they feel their life is in danger and they might ponder fleeing the country for their own safety.

    “If security concerns are not addressed, we are considering halting our research projects and services to the patients. Should we get asylum in any country, we will relocate and develop our herbal formula from that country,” he says.

    Mr Ssenfuka recently dragged government to court for failure to clear the herbal formula that he says treats cancer and diabetes and has been able to effectively cure prominent people including retired High Court Judge, John Bosco Katutsi.

    He says that as regards cancer treatment, at his own cost, he organised and commenced studies on 37 patients who were resigned to death under palliative care.

    “.. such patients were battling different types of cancer including breast cancer, cervical cancer, cancer of the vagina, skin cancer and leukaemia and that they all have fully recovered , some of whom will be willing to render testimony to their health experience accompanied by corresponding medical certificates.”

    Government later through the Attorney General admitted that National Chemotherapeutics Research Institute (NCRI) had duly conducted preclinical analysis on the firm’s herbal products and found out that they have the potential to treat cancer and diabetes.

    Government has since asked him to withdraw the case so that the matter can be settled outside court.


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