Uganda’s dragging Consumer Protection Bill moves IGNE-EA

Consumers at Hoima Central Market. (Image: File)

The Inclusive Green Economy Network-East Africa (IGEN-EA) partners are calling on the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives to complete the Consumer Protection and Management Bill.

They also want it urgently oriented before parliament for debate and enactment into law in order to save consumers from exploitation and promote clean energy.

“It will help to shield citizens, especially those of grid electricity and off-grid solar equipment from exploitatively high prices, sub-standard products, high bank interest rates and poor waste management among others,” the network has said in a statement.

According to the network, failure to protect citizens will continue undermining increased uptake of clean energy, forest conservation, climate change mitigation, women empowerment and economic transformation efforts.

Their press statement was released today (Thursday) June 8, 2023.

IGEN-EA is a network of East African civil society and private sector players that are advocating for the promotion of green economic alternatives including clean energy, agriculture, fisheries, forestry and tourism.


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