Uniformed people ‘rob’ Masindi residents

Masindi District Speaker, Moses Kirya, talks to journalists. (Photo: Moses Andama)

Masindi police are investigating reports that some people in police uniform are purportedly robbing residents of Karujubu Division in Masindi Municipality of during curfew hours.

The investigations follow an alarm raised by the area councillor cum District Speaker, Moses Kirya, during the District Covid-19 Taskforce meeting held on Monday.

The speaker disclosed that he received about 22 complaints from his constituents accusing the police in Karujubu for allegedly robbing them in the guise of enforcing the presidential directives on slowing down the spread of Covid-19.

Mr Kirya added that the residents complain that whenever the police find their motorcycles parked outside at night, they merely take them away before demanding Shs100,000 from the owners for their release.

The Officer in Charge of Masindi Police Station, ASP Edina Nyinareza, talks to the press. (Photo: Moses Andama).

In her response, the officer in charge of Masindi Central Police Station, ASP Edina Nyinareza, denied that the police was committing the crimes; suspecting Special Police Constables (SPCs) to be behind the offences. The SPCs’ contracts expired in March this year.

“I suspect that a group of SPCs in the area could be doing this masquerading as police officers because their contracts expired in March this year. So, being that they worked in police, they take it as an advantage to rob people of their property,” Ms Nyinareza said

The police officer said she did not see the 22 cases indicated when she sent the station diary for the Division to the officer in charge of Karujubu police post.

The Masindi Resident District Commissioner, Rose Kirabira, during the Masindi District Covid-19 Taskforce meeting at her office on Monday. (Photo: Moses Andama)

However, the Masindi Resident District Commissioner, Rose Kirabira, directed Ms Nyinareza to arrest, charge and prosecute the culprits that she said are tarnishing the image of the force.

“If the SPCs’ contracts expired, they should be followed wherever they are to avoid such incidents,” said Ms Kirabira.


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