Disunity a precursor of underdevelopment -Bunyoro Premier

The Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom Prime Minister, Mr Andrew Kirungi Byakutaaga Ateenyi. (Image: File)

Disunity has been singled out as a major cause for a deficiency of socio-economic development hindering progress in any given society and at an individual level that requires people to combine efforts to combat it from all fronts, according to the Prime Minister of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom, Mr Andrew Kirungi Byakutaaga Ateenyi.

Speaking at the 16th annual general assembly for Buliisa Rural Enterprise Cooperative Society held at Albert Nile Hotel in Biiso town council, Buliisa district, the premier said social and economic aspects are symbiotic in nature for the realisation of any positive transformation geared towards fortune accumulation for an improved society.

He advised and urged the people of Bunyoro to adopt a sense of togetherness saying such a bond assists in steering development in diversity for a better holistic life.

Mr Byakutaaga warned and cautioned against divisionism that he said is being orchestrated by a pocket of people causing conflicts, anxiety and tension that he said are precursors of economic underdevelopment.

To check this, he said the kingdom continues to advocate for and promote unity among the people as a proven touchstone that undoubtedly leads to an array of community development aspects in any geographical domain.

The Prime Minister said that the kingdom is exhibiting unity through provision of scholarships, funding agricultural excursions for the people of Bunyoro so they can borrow a leaf from successful farmers within the kingdom and providing unequivocal financial literacy sensitisation campaigns through mainstream electronic media for better financial discipline.

Given the only one working tractor the Savings and Credit Cooperative Organisation (Sacco) has to bolster members’ agricultural practices, Ms Annet Kembabazi, the organisation manager while speaking at the assembly, called for assistance for enhanced agro-machinery input into the initiative since the sub-sector is now being taken to greater heights for improved livelihoods at household levels in Buliisa district.

She said the need for more machinery input into the Sacco, signals the achievements members have so far realised from the syndicate that has improved their general welfare.

The Buliisa Rural Cooperative Society Board Chairman, Mr Julius Wamara, said with the Sacco beginning with 30 members in 2006, the number has since increased to 1,264 with a loan portfolio of Shs289m, purchased a plot of land for the establishment of an office and procured a tractor that is helping farmers in opening fields for agricultural practices.

The meeting was also attended by the Biiso town council chairman, Mr Peter Okech, who pledged political support for the Sacco.

The Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom Buliisa County Chief, Mr Matongo Majara and other leaders from different political and kingdom offices were present.

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