Valentine’s Day: Hoima woman stabs husband to death

Detectives from Hoima police examine the body of Nicholas Katusiime today (Monday), February 15, 2021 at Kiryateete Cell in East Division, Hoima City. (Photo: Gad Asaba)

Hoima police are holding a 24-year-old woman, Dorcus Mbabazi, for stabbing her husband, Nicholas Tusiime, 34, to death at Kiryateete Cell in East Division, Hoima city.

Mr Chapman Agaba, a neighbour as well as an eye witness told Kazi-njema News that the gruesome murder took place today (Monday) when Mbabazi who hails from Kyarubanga village in Bugambe sub-county, Kikuube district hacked Tusiime twice in the neck and the back using a kitchen knife.

Tusiime who hailed from Hanga 1 village in Kyangwali sub-county also in Kikuube district was a taxi driver commuting the Hoima-Kyangwali route while Mbabazi owns a retail shop in Hoima city.

Mr Agaba narrated that Mbabazi returned home from celebrating Valentine’s Day at around 12am and immediately started insulting her husband who she already found at home before she started fighting him.

Mr Agaba said as he tried to separate the two, Mbabazi bit him but he succeeded in his efforts and walked away with the deceased to two bars in the city hoping that by the time Tusiime returned home, Mbabazi would have calmed.

“He (Tusiime) came back home earlier. As you know, it was Valentine’s Day, the wife who looked drunk, came back at around midnight and immediately started beating her husband. She even bit him twice and when I tried to separate them, Mbabazi also bit me. After separating them, I advised the deceased that he locks his house and we left for Phase 2 bar at around 2am before leaving for Bentex bar at around 4am. From there, we decided to go back home at 6:20am”.

Audio: Agaba on fight (Runyoro/Rutooro)

The eye witness added that on returning home, Mbabazi rekindled the fight and stabbed Tusiime twice in the neck and once in the back. This forced Tusiime to sound an alarm that attracted the neighbours who found him bleeding profusely and his wife strangling him.

The neighbours rushed Tusiime to a nearby King’s Medical Centre in Kiryateete where he died in an hour’s time.

Mr Agaba told this online news portal that the irate residents with the help of the area secretary for defence arrested Mbabazi and took her to Hoima police station for legal management.

“I was called that ‘Nicho is yelling calling you’. When I reached there, I found his wife strangling him and foaming in the mouth. But I pushed her off and when I tried to get him up, I saw much blood flowing out and he was too heavy for me to lift. His neck was already weak and he yelled,” said Mr Agaba.

“Tusiime later stopped speaking and it took five minutes for these people to help me lift him up since he was heavy for me. Later, they joined me and we took him outside and we arrested and tied the woman with a rope lest she fled. We took Tusiime to a clinic. Then I went back home to take the woman and immediately the secretary for defence arrived and we took her to police,” he continued.

Audio: Agaba on death (Runyoro/Rutooro)

The area secretary for defence, Mr Godfrey Mucwa, told our reporter that while taking Mbabazi to police, she revealed to him that there was a woman who kept on reporting her to her husband that she had other sexual partners, forcing her to stab him.

Audio: Mucwa on Mbabazi (Runyoro/Rutooro)

Ms Kate Atugonza, also a resident of Kiryateete called for courtship before marriage saying it gives ample time for the two to know each others’ characters and conduct before committing to live together for the rest of their lives.

“It isn’t good to marry anyhow. Men are fond of picking young girls putting on trousers from the street; take them home for marriage without knowing their family background. Families of such young girls have problems. They are always being haunted by evil spirits. Even Reverends teach us about that. Such families committed sins long time ago. When you meet such a woman, you take her to your home and consequently you suffer many setbacks and problems. You may find that woman also being possessed.”

Audio: Atugonza on marriage (Runyoro/Rutooro)

The Albertine region police spokesperson, ASP Julius Allan Hakiza, said police have detained Mbabazi and preferred murder charges against her, advising married couples to respect their marriages.

“The man asked his wife why she went to celebrate Valentine’s Day with other men leaving him at home. The wife answered her husband rudely that he’s not a man at home. This angered the man and they started fighting when the woman got a knife and hacked him in the back. People rushed to the scene, took Nicholas to the health facility and in an hour, he breathed his last. We (police) have arrested Dorcus Mbabazi and she is in our cells on charges of killing Tusiime,” ASP Hakiza said.  

“Married couples should respect their marriage. They should stop believing in rumours, or leaving your partner at home for other men or women,” the police officer added.

Audio: Hakiza on murder (Runyankole/Rukiga)

2020 deaths on Valentine’s Day

Last year, on Valentine’s Day, two men committed suicide over love gone sour.

Jackson Kaitwebye hanged himself at his in-laws’ home after his wife refused to return to their marital home.

Asher Henry, a former dancer with the famous Spice Commandos in Hoima City also committed suicide over the same matter at Bujwahya cell in Hoima city.


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