Village chairman forced to refund NRM party money in Masindi

The Kabarwana Cell Chairman in Central Division, Masindi Municipality, has finally refunded the money that the National Resistance Movement (NRM) party sent to the area for mobilising for its candidates in the 2021 poll.

Mr Pascal Pirio was on Saturday summoned to appear before the office of the Political and Electoral Crimes at Masindi police station where he was grilled over the Shs300, 000 he signed for as an acknowledgement of its receipt.

While in the office, Mr Pirio admitted taking the money adding that he shared it with his committee members, pledging to refund it yesterday (Monday).

However, he said he was misled by people who gave it to him well knowing that he was not supposed to receive it.

Mr Pirio told Kazi-njema News today (Tuesday) that he finally refunded and handed the money in the office of the in charge of Political and Electoral Crimes at Masindi police station. This was done in the presence of the NRM chairperson for Central Division, Mr Eriab Komugisa and Mr Rogers Mwesigye, the cell’s NRM secretary.

“I refunded and handed over the money at the police station in the presence of Rogers just as I pledged that I would do it today,” Mr Pirio told our stringer.

Audio: Pirio on refund (Runyoro/Rutooro)

When contacted, Mr Mwesigye confirmed receiving the money from Mr Pirio revealing that they were now planning to start mobilising support for the party in the area using the funds.

“Our Kabarwana village chairman, Mr Pasikali Pirio, has refunded the Shs300, 000 in the office of the Political and Electoral Crimes at Masindi police station. The NRM chairman for Central Division was also present confirming receipt of the money. Now, we are going to ask him to vote for President Museveni.”

Audio: Mwesigye on refund (Runyoro/Rutooro)

Last week, a section of members of the NRM party structures in Kabarwana petitioned the Masindi Resident District Commissioner (RDC), Martin Mugabi, after Mr Pirio took the money that was supposed to be received by the village NRM chairperson and shared it with his committee members.


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