Youths speak on EACOP dangers to environment in Uganda

Ms Jenifer Baitwamasa speaks about oil and environment in Kazi-njema Production Studio in Hoima City.

Youths in the Albertine region have taken steps to sensitise communities along the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) about environmental risks associated with the oil projects.

They are also providing measures to mitigate the side effects of the oil projects.

Speaking to Kazi-njema Radio, the youths from different Civil Society Organisations say they are emphasising on informing the communities that oil industry has many negative effects on environment and livelihoods though they are rarely talked about by oil companies and government agents.

Mr Christopher Opio, the Coordinator for Oil Refinery Residents Association (ORRA) says he draws experience from the oil refinery land acquisition process at Kabaale Village in Kabaale Sub-county, Hoima District where the community expectations were raised higher on the positive side but only to see little realised after nine years now.

Sound bite: Opio on oil industry shortcomings (English)

The Association composed of young men and women is implementing a-one-year project with support from 350 Africa to promote renewable energy and conduct general community awareness on environmental conservation vis-à-vis the oil industry.

Ms Jenifer Baitwamasa, from Navigators of Development Association (NAVODA) in Hoima says she has identified the need to give the communities a detailed picture of both the advantages and disadvantages of oil developments so that they can participate in finding mitigation measures.

Tree planting efforts must be heightened by both the community members and the government to act as carbon sinks, she advises.

Sound bite: Baitwamasa on tree planting (English)

Mr Edwin Mumbere, Coordinator for Centre for Citizens Conserving the Environment (CECICE) based in Kasese district urges everybody within and outside Uganda to pick interest in environmental issues as the oil industry progresses since environmental degradation affects everybody.

Sound bite: Mumbere on carbons (English)
Youths speak about oil industry developments in Kazi-njema Production Studio, Hoima City.

Mr Paul Kamala from Friends of Nature Uganda also based in Kasese said they are also showing the communities that whatever is done by themselves or the oil companies will affect the environment and consequently cripple their livelihoods sooner or later.

Sound bite: Kamala on effects (English)

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Mr Edwin Mumbere speaking in Kazi-njema stuid alongside Ms Baaitwamasa


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