12 teachers arrested for rejecting salary without increments in S Sudan

At least 12 teachers from various secondary and primary Schools in Rumbek, Lakes State, were yesterday arrested and detained at the Panda Military Barracks for rejecting January and February salary arrears that did not reflect the 100 percent increment in their salaries.

A civil society activist in Lakes State, Daniel Laat Kon, has condemned the state’s education for unlawfully detaining the teachers in the military barracks and demanded their immediate release.

“It is very clear in the constitution that every citizen has a right to freedom of expression and assembly and this is what the teachers have done,” he said.

The ministry of education in Lakes State is paying teachers 5,000 SSP including all the allowances instead of paying them 22,763 SSP which was announced by the national ministry of general education and instruction, according to the activist.

“I witnessed the 12 teachers being arrested and I only know a few of them and they are being kept in Rumbek Panda military barracks,” Kon added.

When contacted, the state education minister, Nelson Makoi Makur, denied the arrest and detention of the 12 teachers in Rumbek town and said there is no reason for teachers to refuse their pay.

Some of the detained teachers are Ruben Majak Nhial, Ater Ahou, Makur Machok, Emmanuel Mabor, Marol, Ater Ariau, Mabor Malith, Gor Gak, William Poth and others.


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