25 Covid-19 contacts quarantined in Masindi

Twenty-five people have been quarantined and more are still being traced after coming into contact with a confirmed Covid-19 patient in Masindi district.

On Friday, a 30-year-old business woman and resident of Kabarwana Cell in Central Division, Masindi Municipality tested positive for corona virus when she went to Nsambya Hospital seeking treatment.

The acting Masindi District Health Officer (DHO), Mr Patrick Baguma, told Kazi-njema News in a one-on-one interview today (Monday) that the Ministry of Health has taken some specimens of the 25 patient’s contacts.

He said that three of the contacts are currently quarantined at Masindi General Hospital while 22 others are under self quarantine.

Mr Baguma disclosed that results are expected either today or tomorrow (Tuesday).

Audio: Baguma on results (English)

The acting DHO added that in case another suspect tests positive for Covid-19, all the contacts will be quarantined in one gazetted Masindi public school for 14 days.

Audio: Baguma on suspect (English)

Mr Baguma advised the public to continue observing health measures put down by the Ministry of Health. He was worried that many people in the district have relaxed following the guidelines misconceiving that Covid-19 affects urban dwellers only.

Audio: Baguma on advice (English)

Meanwhile, Mr Baguma said that health officials in Masindi plan to meet all aspiring Members of Parliament tomorrow (Tuesday) at 9am at the Resident District Commissioner’s office over failure to observe the ministry of health guidelines during this period of political campaigns.

He noted that the legislators have relaxed sensitising the masses about the Covid-19 pandemic and are instead focusing on their political campaigns.  

Mr Baguma wondered that despite interacting with many people, some legislators do not even mind about wearing face masks, thus, putting lives of people at stake.

He noted that some lawmakers are turning burial ceremonies into campaign rallies and also go past the recommended time. He reminded them of the health ministry guidelines and the presidential directive that recommend that the function should not exceed 2pm.

He wondered that the politicians go up to 4pm in breach of the set guidelines.

Mr Baguma said tomorrow’s meeting will be about sensitising the lawmakers about health measures aimed to slow the spread of Covid-19 such that they can also pass the same message to the electorate they meet in their campaigns.


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