30 die from measles children in South Sudan

A child suffering from measles. (CDC photo)

The Ministry of Health in Unity State of South Sudan has reported that 30 children lost their lives to measles in various counties.

This alarming surge in measles cases has been observed among returnees and refugees who fled the conflict in Sudan. The situation has been particularly severe in the Riotriah transit camp, where the Ministry of Health declared a measles outbreak in June, identifying 26 cases in the initial phase.

Over the past two weeks, the state health office and aid agencies have reported a significant increase in measles cases, with the number rising from 26 in June to over 800 across seven counties in Unity State by the second week of July. They have initiated a vaccination campaign targeting over 9,000 children in the Riotriah transit camp and Nyaruop port.

Dr. Duol Biem, the Director General of the state Ministry of Health has told Radio Tamzuj that the government is committed to controlling the spread of the disease through mass vaccination campaigns.


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