AFIEGO spotlights EACOP land acquisition gaps – The Energizer

As the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) land acquisition team reports smooth progress with bank accounts opening for the project affected persons set to start next week, the African Institute for Energy Governance (AFIEGO) claims that there are gaps in sensitising the affected communities.

AFIEGO’s monthly Newsletter – The Energizer for September has carried text claiming that the project has remained adamant on informing Ugandans on the negative effects of the will-be world’s longest heated pipeline on the environment and livelihoods.

The newsletter also criticises the land acquisition team for using English language on all their forms while working in local communities.

The same publication claims that the exercise of land acquisition reached the disclosure level when the Project Affected Persons still lacked enough information of choice and consequently consented under intimidation.

It further says that AFIEGO’s recruited community monitors reported cases of people signing the compensation forms for fear that in case they failed, challenging the process in courts of law would put them at risk of losing out for all.

However, an authoritative official working on the EACOP Land Acquisition Team denied the claims describing them as baseless.

While speaking to Kazi-njema News the EACOP official said they made sure that people were sensitised enough in the presence of interpreters of local languages depending on the location.

In other developments, AFIEGO and partners wrote about World Tourism Day commemoration on September 27, 2021, in Uganda where the Ministry of Tourism promised to intensify attraction of investment and tourists to Uganda.

It also showed concern about the risk of death being faced by more than 600 chimpanzees in Bugoma forest along with the endemic Uganda mangabey as the forest is being cut down.

The Energizer carries a strong statement calling upon the relevant authorities to stop the destruction of Bugoma forest.

An exciting pictorial and future action to save the environment and protect human rights are also in the monthly newsletter.

You can get the details of the entire publication by opening/downloading the PDF file here:


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