Avoid washing dishes during storms -weatherman

Ugandans are advised to avoid washing dishes, showering or taking a bath or doing laundry during heavy storms as the country experiences average rains with a tendency to enhanced rainfall from September to October 2022.

The advice is contained in a document signed by the Permanent Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM), Keith Muhakanizi, that says plumbing and bathroom fixtures can conduct electricity.

The public is also advised to not to shelter under tall structures or trees when it is raining to avoid the risk of lightning strikes as well as avoiding contact with metal objects including farm equipment, motorcycles and bicycles among others during heavy storms.

Besides, the community is advised to stay inside at least 30 minutes after they last hear thunder or lightning.

“If you are in a car, avoid touching metal or other surfaces in or on your vehicle during a heavy storm.  Advise school children who pass roads prone to flooding on the way to school to remain at home or at school until the route is proved safe by a responsible adult,” the statement says.

Municipal and city authorities are advised to desilt drainage systems and in case of flooding, communities are advised not to cross flooded road sections.

According to the OPM, settling or making any developments in environmentally sensitive areas like wetlands, buffer zones of river banks and lake shores should be avoided and also dig or open drainage channels around households and gardens.   

To avoid catching water related diseases, communities are advised to maintain good hygiene practices like use of latrines and proper disposal of waste in addition to using safe drinking water and treated mosquito nets.

Village Health Teams are encouraged to look out for any disease outbreaks like cholera, typhoid, dysentery and malaria that is expected to increase due to fertile breeding grounds for mosquitoes caused by enhanced rainfall.

The advise follows a released seasonal weather forecast for September, October, November and December 2022, that says the mid-western, south west, West Nile and some parts of the northern region, areas around the Lake Kyoga basin and Elgon sub-region will experience enhanced rains.

The weatherman predicts the rest of the country is projected to receive average rains during September which will reach its peak in October.

This implies possible floods, lightning, hailstorm and landslide episodes.

This is just after some areas in the north and parts of eastern Uganda recorded substantial rains during the month of August.


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