Babiito mutineers still return home after Kabaleega attack on Tooro

Dr Yolamu Nsamba, former Principal Private Secretary to Omukama Dr Solomon Iguru of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom.

Dr Yolamu Nsamba, the former Principal Private Secretary (PPS) to Omukama Dr Solomon Iguru, says Omukama Kabaleega invaded Tooro kingdom to neutralise the Ababiito Abahaga (dissident ruling clan members) who fled Bunyoro to Tooro where they established military bases to distabilise his kingdom.

Dr Nsamba says after the Abahaga failed assisting Kabigumiire ascend the throne, they took flight to Tooro where Omukama Nyaika offered them haven that they used to plan to wage war against Omukama Kabaleega.

However, through his resilient spy network, Omukama Kabaleega learned of the fugitives’ scheme and one of his skilled soldiers, Commander Nyakamatura, advised him to deactivate their mission and put them out of action before staging the war.

“The young Omukama Kabaleega was at his Mparo palace when Nyakamatura advised him not to wait for the Abahaga to attack the kingdom. He advised him to select a troop of soldiers to counteract the fugitive enemies and on the way to Tooro, they killed and ate about 20 buffalos and about five elephants. ‘Don’t wait for them to act. Let’s go and find them there [Tooro],’” Dr Nsamba says about Nyakamatura’s advice.

The former PPS continues that in his military expedition, Omukama Kabaleega defeated the Abahaga and brought some back home to Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom “where they were resettled and lived peacefully.”

Omukama Kabaleega’s successful war against the Abahaga incensed his enemies who sang against his military hegemony.

“The enemies sang: ‘Kabaleega, when you die, you will smell badly because you have killed many people.’” Narrates Dr Nsamba.

The educationist refutes allegations that Omukama Kabaleega invaded Tooro to reinstate the old kingdom boundaries and take back home the cattle that the Abahaga had fled along with from Bunyoro saying such claims were orchestrated by enemies.

“This was untrue. Omukama Kabaleega attacked Tooro because it was hiding enemies who were threatening to attack and distabilise Bunyoro. He made the attack faster than they acted and he defeated them straightaway.”

The ex-PPS says though there are some Bahaga elements who did not return home and are up to now in Tooro and Ankole, some continue coming back and they are received to their homeland as Banyoro.


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