Buliisa CAO jailed over Shs13m-debt

The Buliisa Deputy Chief Administrative Officer, Mr Samuel Magambo, has been sentenced to six months in prison for failing to settle a Shs13m-debt to Ms Gloria Kabaliisa, a resident of Civic Cell in Buliisa Town Council, Buliisa District.

In 2013, Ms Kabaliisa dragged Mr Magambo and the Attorney General to court for maliciously prosecuting her on charges of arson.

The duo accused the defendant of allegedly torching down Mr Magambo’s house. Ms Kabaliisa wanted court to compel Mr Magambo to pay her general damages, interests and costs.

On May 16, 2018, Masindi Chief Magistrate, Mr Moses Kule Lubangula ordered Mr Magambo to pay Shs6m as general damages and Shs7m as costs the defendant incurred in the suit.

However, the deputy CAO failed to pay the money and was sentenced to serve a six-month jail term at Masindi prison.

On February 11, 2020, Flokas Court Brokers & Bailiffs arrested Mr Magambo after securing a warrant of arrest from Masindi Grade One magistrate, Ms Selsa Biwaga.

So far, Mr Magambo has served three weeks.

Ms Flora Katusabe, the Managing Director of Flokas Court Brokers & Bailiffs wants Mr Magambo to settle her client’s debt before being released.

Buliisa District water offices (Photo Credit: Bunyoro Sqoop)


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