Buliisa hospital shares DHO’s official vehicle for ambulance services

The Buliisa District Health Officer, Dr Nelson Naisye.

Buliisa General Hospital is sharing the District Health Officer (DHO), Dr Nelson Naisye’s official vehicle for ambulance services.

This follows the breakdown of the only ambulance that the hospital received seven years ago.

The ambulance that crashed in a road accident six months back, suffered an irreparable damage leaving the health department without any means of transporting emergency cases within the district as well as referral ones to Hoima Regional Referral Hospital.

Dr Naisye says even with the first case of coronavirus recorded in the district on June 7, this year, the health department failed to transport the patient to Hoima for specialised medical management until the regional hospital authorities sent an ambulance to save life.

With such a kind of situation in the district, the doctor says that it was agreed upon that he surrenders his official vehicle for ambulance services whenever need arises as the hospital waits for one from the Ministry of Health at a yet to be known time.

Aerial view of Buliisa General Hospital (Courtesy photo)

Dr Naisye adds that it was also agreed upon that four other departments offer their vehicles though they are always returned to the designated departments for their official duties even prior to the outbreak of Covid-19.

“I had one official vehicle that I surrendered for ambulance services but with this coronavirus, other departments also offered their vehicles to serve the same purpose though they are often times taken back to transport workers to their places of residence,” the medic explains.

Notwithstanding, the physician says that he is working hard to ensure that the ministry of health gets the district at least an ambulance to relatively solve the problem.


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