Buliisa records 417 teenage pregnancies in 3 months

Teenage pregnancy.

Buliisa District has recorded 417 cases of teenage pregnancies – the highest in their health records.

While speaking to Pascal Onega a news reporter for Kazi-njema partner radio – Biiso FM, the Buliisa District Health Officer (DHO), Dr Alex Afeti, said these cases were recorded between January and March this year.

The physician said of the 1,898 total pregnancies registered at the health facilities in the stated period, 417 were teenagers seeking antenatal services.

He hoped there are many teenagers who fear seeking antenatal services due to their age.

The 417 teenage pregnancies in three months represents around 20% of the total number of mothers that sought antenatal services.

Audio: Afeti on teenage pregnancies (English)

Dr Afeti attributed the high teenage pregnancies to poor parenting attitudes and high poverty levels among the people.

He urged teenagers to always seek antenatal care without fear but cautioned them that teenage pregnancies put expectant mothers at risk of fistula and other complications since their bodies are not ready to handle pregnancies and delivery.

Audio: Afeti on parents (English)

The Buliisa District Community Development Officer (CDO), Mr Bernard Barugahara, attributed the problem to social, economic and cultural behaviours of some families.

According to him, some parents encourage girls to go for marriage immediately when they reach the adolescent stage in order to get dowry.


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