Bunyoro Kingdom Buhaguzi County headquarters in bad shape

Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom subjects wait to be attended to for services at the dilapidated building that houses the kingdom Buhaguzi County Headquarters in Kikuube District. (Image: Gad Asaba)

The building that houses Buhaguzi County headquarters under Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom is so dilapidated that it has attracted the attention of concerned subjects in the kingdom.

The building serves as an office for the County Chief who offers kingdom services for people of Buhaguzi in Kikuube district.

Mr Henry Igumirwa, a resident of Buhaguzi, is worried that it is risky for one to work from such a ramshackle building as it can collapse anytime given its old age without any renovation by the kingdom authorities.

“It is risking one’s life working and seeking a service from that building! The building is so old that it’s almost collapsing. Let the kingdom renovate it to prevent the dangers that can come about as a result of collapsing,” Mr Igumirwa says.

Ms Harriet Kabadaaki, also a resident of Buhaguzi, says the sorry state of the county headquarters does not impress her as a subject.

“Let alone the bad outlook, when I look at it, it sends chills up my spine considering people who work from it! It’s horrible! As a matter of fact, something has to be done for it is risky working from there! she says.

A view of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom Buhaguzi County Headquarters in Kikuube District. (Image: Gad Asaba)

The Buhaguzi County Chief, Mr Gerald Baleke, says he shared the matter with higher kingdom authorities so that the building can be reconditioned.

“I am not happy with the state of my offices. The state and appearance of the current offices of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom for Buhaguzi County is bad. Indeed the building needs to be renovated as a matter of urgency. I have reached out to the Omuhikirwa (Prime Minister) through the Chief Administrative Secretary, Mr Alex Katusabe. So, the matter is on their table and any action will be taken soon.” Mr Baleke says.

The Kingdom Minister of Finance and Administration, Mr Robert Owagonza, says the kingdom authorities are aware of the bad state of the building but only await to know whether the plot of land on which it sits is free from any title.

“As a kingdom, we are still finding out to see whether there is anyone with a title on the land before we start the renovation and land demarcation.” Mr Owagonza says.

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