Cabinet seeks extension of LC chairpersons’ term for 6 months

Uganda's Attorney General, Kiryowa Kiwanuka. (Image: Courtesy)

The office of the Attorney General has informed the legal committee of parliament that Cabinet has resolved to extend the mandate of Local Council I and II chairpersons for 6 more months to give government time to prepare for the elections.

Attorney General Kiryowa Kiwanuka said it will require three months to have everything in place ahead of the LC polls.

He said that after reporting this to the committee, the Ministry of Local Government will now be in position to inform Parliament at an appropriate time as soon as it resumes from recess following last Thursday’s indefinite suspension by Speaker Anita Among.  Both LC I and II terms ended on 10th July 2023.

“Cabinet made a decision to request parliament to agree with the Executive to extend the term of the LCs for another six months. In order to have an election you have to register, you have to display. We have already lost a month as you know so the six months are going to run from the 10th of July,” Mr Kiryowa said.

However, some members of the opposition have expressed dissatisfaction with the position of the Attorney General.

Ms Shamim Malende the shadow Attorney General said:

“We think there are some games being played… Were are not comfortable with the position of the Attorney General that government was not prepared. They are seeking an extension but nonetheless, we have no choice because the term has already expired.”

Source: KFM


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