City, district NRM aspirants clash over Hoima district seat

Woman casts vote (Credit: Daily Monitor)

The former Kyankwanzi deputy Resident District Commissioner, Mr James Mugenyi Kiriti, who is contesting for the Hoima District LC 5 chair on the NRM ticket, has petitioned the party Electoral Commission (EC) over aspirants vying for the same seat yet they are residents of Hoima Oil City.  

Through his lawyers of Alaka & Co Advocates, Mr Kiriti wants the NRM party EC chairman, Dr Tanga Odoi, to prevail on the current district LC 5 chairman, Mr Kadir Kirungi and Mr Vincent Muhumuza commonly known as Savanna for electioneering for the same political seat yet they non residents of Hoima district.

Both Mr Kirungi and Mr Muhumuza subscribe to the ruling NRM party.

Mr Kiriti says that Hoima City is at the same level of a district wondering why the two want to cross the boundaries into Hoima district where they are non residents.

Mr Kirungi and Mr Muhumuza are residents of Hoima East Division, Hoima City while Mr Kiriti is a resident of Kigorobya sub-county in Hoima district.

“There is an impasse where some people in Hoima Oil City want to contest in Hoima district. This standoff is not good for people in the same party. I pray that if this can be correctible, let it be done.  Through my lawyers of Alaka & Co Advocates, I have petitioned the NRM party electoral commission to let Mr Kadir of Busiisi Division and Mr Savanna of Kahoora Division to know clearly that they are not residents of Hoima district but rather of Hoima City,” Mr Kiriti says.

Audio: Kiriti on contesting (Runyoro/Rutooro)

Mr Kiriti wants the NRM’s EC to intervene.

“According to the laws of Uganda and of our NRM party, for any person to contest for the district LC 5 seat, must be hailing from that very district. This excludes the two NRM people from the city from contesting in Hoima district. Their contest means there are no NRM supporters ready to compete in Hoima district yet there is I, Kiriti James and a one Mr Isingoma both competing for the same seat.”

Mr Kiriti adds: “This means NRM has able and capable people. Why can’t men from Hoima city get out of the race for those in the district?”

Audio: on law (Runyoro/Rutooro)

Mr Kirungi has started his digital campaigns over local radio stations drumming up support to retain the seat while Mr Muhumuza is also soliciting for votes for the district’s top political office.


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