Corruption claims breed censorship motion in Kikuube

Kikuube District Vice Chairman, Mr Vincent Alpha Opio (not in tie), during council sitting where a motion to censor him was moved. (Image: Gad Asaba)

Graft and abuse of office counter-accusations among leaders have taken centre stage in Kikuube District spiralling into a motion to have three District Executive Committee (DEC) members censored to pave the way for what a section of leaders say to salvage the district from eccentric services.

Mr Vincent Alpha Opio, the District Vice Chairman; Ms Everce Munguriek, the Secretary for Works and Water and Mr Nicholas Kiiza, the Secretary for Production are in the spotlight of being censored in a motion moved by the District Councillor for Buhimba Sub-county, Ms Ruth Kobusiinge.

Moving her motion during plenary council sitting at Kikuube district headquarters, Ms Kobusiinge alleged that the trio has on many a time been spotted in financial scandals including soliciting for carrots and extorting money from applicants so they could be recruited into the public service in Kikuube District Local Government.

The councillor said if not checked, such an act will affect service delivery in the district as financially fit but incompetent people will be absorbed into public service at the expense of underprivileged but proficient people.

She also claimed that the accused DEC members misused the councillors’ signatures to fight their personal wars against the Resident District Commissioner (RDC), Mr Amlan Tumusiime, so he could purportedly be transferred from Kikuube district following a disagreement.

The politician asserted that there is strong evidence pinning her fellow councillors soliciting and extorting money from applicants so they could be recruited into the public service in the district.

 “The three DEC members misused signatures of councillors to fulfill their personal aim to have the RDC transferred from Kikuube so that they could fulfill their agenda. There is enough evidence pinning these three DEC members soliciting for sweeteners and extorting money from people who apply for jobs so they can be absorbed into Kikuube district local government service” Ms Kobusiinge alleged in her motion.

However, quoting the Local Government Act, the Kikuube District Chairman, Mr Peter Banura, advised council to give the motion mover and the accused a period of 14 days to produce evidence and defend themselves respectively before council so that the matter can be debated justly.

Reacting to the motion, Mr Tumusiime said moving a vote of no confidence and impeaching the trio will scare away would be perpetrators and bring sanity to the service system for the benefit of the people of Kikuube district.

“The motion to move a vote of no confidence and impeachment of the three members of the DEC is the best way to go in order to create a sober service system in Kikuube. Many residents of Kikuube district have not benefitted from the district because jobs have been given to people from other districts. The locals have been left out,” the RDC claimed.

Mr Opio, Ms Munguriek and Mr Kiiza all deny wrongdoing saying the truth shall be revealed.

Recently, the RDC went on the air accusing the three councillors and some other public officers of allegedly encumbering better service delivery in the district citing corruption.

He alleged that the politicians and other relevant people solicited for bribes and advanced sexual demands to female applicants desperately seeking employment in the district local service.

“I advise parents whose female children went for job interviews at the district to immediately take them for HIV testing. There are some male authorities who demanded sex from them in order to assist them get jobs. Those people also asked for bribes.” Mr Tumusiime alleged while appearing on one of the radio stations in Hoima city.  

However, in their defence on another radio station in Hoima city, Mr Opio and Ms Munguriek among others denied the allegations slapped against them purporting that the RDC was character-assassinating them.

They alleged that Mr Tumusiime was instead corrupt and inefficient.

This resulted in the arrest of the Kikuube District Senior Labour Officer, Mr Arthur Mpuuga, who allegedly colluded with Ms Muguriek and others to hire out a government tractor assigned to Bunyoro Tulihamu Cooperative Society for their personal gain.

The arrest was effected by the State House Anti-Corruption Unit (SHACU) with assistance from Kikuube police.

Since counter-accusations and washing dirty linen in public occurred, there burst forth sourer working relationships in the Kikuube district leadership divide.

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