Court of Appeal handles 42 criminal appeals in Fort Portal

The Court of Appeal today (Monday) September 5, 2022, started holding a Criminal Appeals session at Fort Portal High Court.

The session includes three days’ physical hearings before the Justices embark on the judgment writing process.

The session is being presided over by the Deputy Chief Justice, Richard Buteera and Lady Justices Irene Mulyagonja and Eva. K. Luswata.

The justices are handling 42 criminal appeals with the bulk being in respect to aggravated defilement carrying 19 offences, followed by murder with 14 appellants.

Seven appellants want the court to quash their convictions in aggravated robbery cases while two appellants are seeking the court’s intervention over rape.

Of these appeals, one appellant wants the court to overturn a death sentence for murder while another is battling a life sentence for aggravated defilement.


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