Covid-19: Adventist organisation donates food aid to Buliisa taskforce

Buliisa District Covid-19 Taskforce receiving food aid donated by DACI in Buliisa on Monday (Photo: Zephaniah Ikiriza)

Over 300kg of cassava flour and a tin of avocado fruit was today (Monday) donated to Buliisa District Covid-19 Taskforce to help the needy during this lockdown period.

The food relief donated by Dolica Adventist Community Initiative (DACI) -a community based organisation operating in Buliisa District was handed over to the Donation and Logistics Committee chairperson, Mr Dison Kasisaki on behalf of the taskforce headed by the Resident District Commissioner, Mr Amos Asiimwe.

Handing over the donation, the Biiso FM Radio station manager cum DACI board chairman, Pastor Fred Kazooba, told the taskforce that the food aid should be distributed to orphans, widows and Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) among other needy persons.

He hailed people and organisations that have contributed foodstuff for the needy at the Lake Albert shore to enable them survive during this period of Covid-19 lockdown.

SDA Pastor Fred Kazooba on donation (RR)
Buliisa District COVID-19 Taskforce displays food relief donated by DACI in Buliisa District on Monday (Credit: Zephaniah Ikiriza)

Receiving the donation, Mr Kasisaki and the District Community Officer, Mr Bernard Barugahara Atwooki, hailed the contributors pledging to deliver the foodstuff to the target groups. They urged other people and institutions to follow suit especially targeting lake shore residents who they said were the most affected by the lockdown.

Mr Kasisaki and Mr Barugahara on donation (Lugungu & English)

DACI’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Zephaniah Ikiriza Atwooki, said the aid was contributed by the organisation members, Biiso FM Radio, Biiso Guest House and other well-wishers.

He lauded the contributors for their generosity before calling upon both the government and the entire public to contribute more food items to save the vulnerable people in Buliisa district.

“More people need help at the shores of Lake Albert. We desire to give but we are limited by funds” Mr Ikiriza said.

DACI was established by a group of Seventh Day Adventists women and journalists with intent to help the needy through giving and advocating for their rights among others.


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