Crocodiles kill four, residents warned against entering Lake Albert water


People living at the shores of Lake Albert in Buliisa District have been warned against stepping into the submerged water of the lake lest crocodiles maul them.

Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) spokesperson, Mr Bashir Hangi’s warning and advice follow separate incidents where four people were killed by the reptiles in a week causing fear and panic among the residents.

Some residents of Walukuba and Butiaba landing sites in Butiaba Sub-county, Buliisa District complain that the crocodiles are currently invading their homes and gardens frequently.

Mr James Mutyang, a resident of Butiaba landing site said: “Crocodiles are about to finish us. We are even fearing going to the lake to fetch water. Tap water is not helping us because even now the tap is still locked. We are used to our lake water. Tap water is only for drinking and not everyone can afford to pay for tap water.”

A man goes to fetch water from Lake Albert

The Butiaba Sub-county LC 3 Chairman, Mr Malitabu Mugenyi, said since the lake water level has gone up, the water has spilt over close to people’s houses resulting in the crocodiles leaving the water going to people’s homes.

“We want UWA to come on the ground and trap all these crocodiles at this time when the water levels have raised because they know where these reptiles are,” he said.

But Mr Hangi says Lake Albert is a habitat for crocodiles and people should stop stepping into the water.

“When entering the lake, you need to know that you are entering the home of crocodiles. We are only encouraging people to stop going into the lake and crocodiles are in their habitat,” he said.


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