Don’t isolate politicians over Bisaka, religions are the problem – [OPINION]

In my opinion, you cannot stop what God has allowed. In the last days, these are things that are bound to come where people will call themselves all sorts of names even calling themselves God.

You may not stop it or fight it by any means but you must go back to your people, consolidate them and teach them what the truth is without offering a fight. You may not manage this fight especially when the government has allowed them to operate.

Politicians who are at crossroads are a sign of failure by their religious leaders.

They failed to give them a proper direction to know who the true God is. Religious leaders should go back to the drawing board and interrogate if their message is relevant.

To me, it is not fair to deny politicians services for bowing down to Bisaka, the leader of the Faith of Unity.

If it is so, then churches should close because it is not only the politicians going to Bisaka. Some church members are doing witchcraft, prostitution and they return to church and pay tithe and other offerings.

They should allow them in as they are because they have allowed them to participate in some other activities like politics of alcohol and prostitution.

They cannot excommunicate them because if they do, they will excommunicate many other members.

The problem could be if they come with the dress from the other side. But if he doesn’t, then they should allow them.

Religious leaders should stop rumour mongering and depending on social media material to make decisions.

What religious leaders can do is to continue with preaching until they get to know who the true God is. Politicians are doing things out of fear. A voter point is worth more than a gun point.

When people confront you and you get scared, you can say what you couldn’t say like the Eric Musana situation.  I look at this as a talk of fear.

It is a talk of inconsistency and fear. When he goes to people he says I am in parliament because of you, when he goes to his wife he says I am there because of you and likewise when he goes to church.

I think he was trying to make Bisaka look stupid by calling him God and later turn to church. It is not logic, not wisdom, not religious, not spiritual. He is revealing his true colours of inconsistency.

Denying politicians some services in church

Nobody should mobilise voters against politicians bowing to Bisaka. Then that could be a disaster and Muslims will also mobilise theirs against voting those eating pork. The point is that Bishop Nathan Kyamanywa should relax and get back to the basics. I think people should be prepared not to be intimidated by voters.

The money and fundraisings involved in politics are too much. Remember, it is you the religious leaders who invite them for fundraising and give them front seats and so you cannot excommunicate them. They respond to whatever can help them to get votes.

They go there before they are elected, return and are never reprimanded early enough. Welcome them freely to sit in church where they used to sit and give them the Holy Communion. Even the debate we are making now gives popularity to Bisaka.

By the way, I condemn double standards and I don’t believe Bisaka is God but it is only the approach and strategy that you are coming out too late.

What can the government do?

In the Republic of Uganda, we have freedom of worship as long as it does not antagonise the others. The same constitution provides for freedom of speech. So, they can preach their people about the right thing and the God they know.

They tried stopping it when it was starting but it did not work out. In my opinion, people should worship whatever they want to worship until they discover what is correct.

Audio: Beeraheeru analyses (English)

This opinion is by Mr Geoffrey Beeraheeru, a social, political and economic analyst based in Hoima City.


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