Electric fence construction in Buliisa starts next month – UWA

An electric fence starting point at Yagupino, Pabit West Village in Purongo Town Council, Nwoya District in Murchison Falls National Park. (Image: File)

The Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) will start the construction of an electric fence around Murchison Falls National Park in parts of Buliisa District next month.

The long awaited programme comes at the time of widespread complaints over what elders describe as the historic human-wildlife conflict in the district.

In an interview with Pascal Onega of Biiso FM – a partner radio for Kazinjema News, Mr Wilson Kagoro, the UWA Community Liaison Officer attached to Murchison Falls National Park, said the exercise is set to start in August 2023.

The fence will cover a stretch of 20 kilometres in Buliisa district alone, he added.

Mr Kagoro highlighted that the fence will be erected along the major human-wildlife conflict hotspots starting from River Nile through Ngwedo sub-county to Waiga Swamp in Buliisa sub-county.

Audio: Kagoro on fencing (Runyoro/Rutooro)

The Liaison Officer added that the same installation of 20, 30 and 31 kilometre-electric fence will be done in Masindi, Kiryandongo and Nwoya districts respectively.

Audio: Kagoro on other areas to be fenced (Runyoro/Rutooro)

Mr Kagoro expressed optimism that the fence will help to curb the human-wildlife conflict that has raised concerns.

He urged communities to support the electric fencing exercise once it starts.

Audio: Kagoro on communities (English)


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