Emyoga needs to learn from cooperatives to succeed – rural finance expert

Mr Alfred Kusiima, a Cooperator and Rural Finance Expert.

It takes more than committed cadres to get results in Emyoga Programme in my honest opinion.

Many will disagree and decline my school of thought but I can confirm that the same reason many of our cooperatives are struggling is failure by government to appreciate the model of cooperatives used by our forefathers.

I am convinced beyond doubt that the future of Emyoga lies in investing in personnel and cooperators as the right cadres to fix this mess.

From my stock taking;

1. The Idea is brilliant.

2. The legal and operational framework has gaps because it is not well aligned in terms of mandate.

3. Preparedness of cadres and communities for Emyoga needs re-orientation.

4. Politicians need to do only a supervisory role and not technical work in the Emyoga undertaking.

I stand to be corrected if wrong but the cooperative societies our forefathers and parents belonged to did better because they understood the cooperative ideology and humanity – “UBUNTU”.

They were not very learnt like our society today but they truly enjoyed and harvested from their sweat.

The writer, Mr Alfred Kusiima, is a Cooperator and Rural Finance Expert.


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