Ex-NBS journalist establishes radio station in Kyankwanzi

Technicians raise an FM radio tower in Tororo in 2022.

A former NBS TV correspondent for Kyankwazi and Kiboga Districts, Mr Simon Kabagambe, is the main brain behind the establishment of a new on-air radio station in Kyankwanzi District.

A source has told Kazi-njema News that the journalist, who quit active news reporting for church ministry, is founder of the Doers of the Word Church in Kyankwanzi which has roots in the Kampala based – Bible Revelation Church.

The now ‘Pastor’ Kabagambe has successfully mobilised some Kampala businessmen subscribing to his faith to raise funds to put the idea into reality by December this year.

Groundwork has been done and the radio is being established at Katanabirwa along Hoima-Kampala Highway.

It will be third after the purely commercial Voice of Kyankwanzi and Ssaza FM radio stations based in the town council.

When contacted for a comment, Pr Kabagambe declined to divulge much but confirmed the idea was truly progressing with major equipment already secured.

“It is true but it will not be commercial. It will be Christian based called Kyankwanzi Christian Radio (KCR) and we are finalising with UCC [Uganda Communication Commission] clearance,” he said.


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