Faith-based institutions urged to fight corruption

USAID Director, Mr Richard Nelson.

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has urged the government of Uganda to partner with faith-based institutions in its efforts to combat and eliminate corruption in the country.

Mr Richard Nelson, the USAID Head of Mission in Uganda, is baffled that despite the many churches across the country which signifies a high degree of spirituality, corruption has continued to plague the country.

He discloses that US$2.5 billion dollars is lost in Uganda every year to corruption-related cases while more than US$1.2 billion is lost every year in developing countries due to corruption.

The Head of Mission hopes that combined efforts between the government and faith-based institutions can bring to an end this global vice that has destroyed all sectors of the economy.

Mr Nelson was addressing government officials and civil society organisations at the 4th Donor Round Table Forum organised by TPO-Uganda – an organisation funded by USAID and committed to empowering communities affected by armed conflict and other natural and man-made disasters to meet their protection needs and to improve their livelihoods.


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