Farmers accuse Hoima Sugar Ltd of increased irregular operations

Hoima Sugar factory at Kiswaza Village in Kiziramfumbi Sub-county, Kikuube District. (File photo)

Sugarcane farmers in Hoima and Kikuube Districts have agreed not to sell again their sugar cane to Hoima Sugar Limited until their issues are solved.

The agreement was reached at on Monday afternoon in a meeting held with the Kikuube District leaders at the district headquarters.

Mr Maxwell Isingoma, the Chairman Hoima Sugarcane Growers Association, says that sugarcane farmers have been affected by the high level corruption tendencies of the contractors and workers of Hoima Sugar Limited.

He also says the sugar company delays paying the farmers for the sugarcane they sell to it.

Hoima Sugar Limited has more than 4,000 farmers dispersed in 163 villages in Kikuube and Hoima districts who the company owes more than Shs5b currently, according to Mr Isingoma.

The chairman says farmers even the services offered by the company are

“We are also demanding other services like Sugar cane cutting, transportation and supply of fertilizers for free as agreed in our contracts with the company which we have been forced to pay for,” he says.

Mr Isingoma adds that despite several meetings the farmers held with the company leaders previously, nothing good materialised.

“We are requesting for the review of the contract made with Hoima Sugar Limited since now it’s more beneficial to the company than the farmers and we want also to have a meeting with the Managing Director of Hoima Sugar Limited before sugarcane cutting resumes.”

He warns farmers against breaking the rules set by the association threatening that those who will be disobedient shall be deal with accordingly.

Mr Amulan Tumusiime, the Kikuube Resident District Commissioner, urges farmers to use the right procedures when demanding their rights.

“Use the right procedures when showing your dissatisfactions, be organised because now Hoima Sugar Limited realised that you’re disorganised and it is using that opportunity to exploit you.” Mr Tumusiime urges.

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