Financial leverage, protection spirit a tool to promoting Bunyoro tourism sites

Miss Tourism Bunyoro 2022 pageants at the slopes of Musaijamukuru Hill in Buhimba Sub-county, Kikuube District. (Image: Gad Asaba)

Organisers and contestants of the Miss Tourism Bunyoro 2022 have observed that weak financial muscle and a lack of spirit to protect tourism sites are among the encumbrances of promoting and exposing the sector in Bunyoro to the local scene and the international world.

Unveiling the contest at Club Magic in Hoima City, Ms Rita Karungi, the Cluster Head Miss Tourism Bunyoro, said efforts to promote the sites are quashed by tweaking monetary drawback phenomena almost failing them to traverse all districts in the region registering contestants besides being costly hiring places for the performances.

Ms Karungi noted with awe that although they are a born of Bunyoro, many people even do not know where some tourism sites are located and whether they exist in their home region because they are not vigorously promoted.

She revealed that during last year’s contest, it was the nastiest shock experienced when some participants in the contest came to know for the first time about the existence of the Rukurato Hall where Parliament Members of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom sit to deliberate yet the infrastructure is in downtown Hoima.

Audio: Karungi on tourism challenges (English)

Ms Liz Vanessa Bagamba, a Miss Tourism Bunyoro 2021, wondered that most people in Bunyoro perceive tourism from a national perspective yet Bunyoro has beautiful sites like the Kibiro hot springs and salt gardens at the shore of Lake Mwitanzige (Albert) in Hoima district that are not fully promoted and exposed locally and globally.

She also wondered that it perplexes a when tourist reaches Kibiro hot springs and salt gardens without finding there any signboards indicating the tourism sites.

Ms Bagamba appealed to the all players in Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom to support the Miss Tourism Bunyoro cause that aims to promote the region’s tourism sector within and to the outside world so it can fetch income to both the kingdom and Uganda in general.  

Audio: Bagamba on tourism challenges (English)
Miss Tourism Bunyoro 2022 contestants at Kiraba rock in Kakumiro District. (Image: Gad Asaba)

Ms Costance Talemwa, a contestant from Kikuube district, was displeased with some people who destroy Bunyoro’s tourism sites citing Bugoma forest that houses Muhangaizima cultural site in Kikuube and artefacts at Semwema caves in Kakumiro district where Parliament Members of Bunyoro Kitara Empire used to sit for their sessions.

She challenged every leader at every level in Bunyoro and Uganda at large to become sensitive about tourism sites in different areas of the country.

Eight contestants from eight districts of Bunyoro are participating in the Miss Tourism Bunyoro 2022.

These include Ms Precious Karungi from Buliisa, Ms Rita Kyomuhendo from Hoima city/district, Ms Bibian Matovu from Kagadi and Ms Shallot Nyangoma from Kiryandongo.

Others are Ms Rose Jacent Nangooba from Kakumiro, Ms Costance Talemwa from Kikuube, Ms Phionah Mary Nabakooza from Kibaale and Ms Jane Murungi from Masindi.

The pageants are currently on a three-day regional tour visiting different tourism sites like Musaijamukuru hill, Bacwezi site at Rwemparaki, Kabwoya Game Reserve and Kyangwali escarpment all in Kikuube district, Semwema cave and rocks in Kakumiro district and Kiraba rock in Kagadi district among others.

The tour is sponsored by Club Magic in Hoima city.

The grand finale of nominating the winner of Miss Tourism Bunyoro 2022 will be held on August 13, 2022, at HB Hotel in Hoima Oil City.

The winner and two runners up will represent Bunyoro region at the national level where they will compete with contestants from such regions as Tooro, Acholi, Rwenzori, West Nile and Busoga among others.


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