Financiers advise students to embrace entrepreneurial skills for self-employment

Students of Mandela Secondary School Relish Meals Appetiser project showcase their products at the school premises on Monday, July 6, 2023. (Image: Gad Asaba/Kazi-njema News)

Financiers have observed that inculcating in students an attitude of entrepreneurial skills development can cause financial transformation and social wellbeing for their posterity.

Ms Diana Ondoga, the Manager Corporate Social Investment at Stanbic Bank Uganda, says guiding the young ones to an economic path at an early age prepares them to be better future entrepreneurs.

She adds that such an arrangement creates a space for self-employment opportunities after school that is essential in the contemporary competitive world which is full of white collar job seekers and a pool of unemployment plaguing global communities.

The manager urges teachers to encourage students to cherish and embrace entrepreneurship as a subject embedded in the new school curriculum that readies them to be good future business people able to create jobs to stimulate economic growth in Uganda.

Audio: Andoga on entrepreneurship (English)

This was during Stanbic Bank’s monitoring of progress of the meal project in which Mandela secondary school emerged winner under the 2022 National Schools Business Start-ups Championship in their business dubbed Relish Meals Appetiser.

The project that the financial institution supported with seed capital last May is a healthy, tasty and affordable appetiser packaged and tailored to improve meals at the school.

Students are being trained in preparing a variety of appetisers including peanut butter, honey silverfish, tomatoes and onions among others besides training them in business risk taking as a way of encouraging them never to give up in case a business hits a snag.

Ms Maclin Nakato, the project patron cum teacher at the school, reveals that since the project was initiated, tremendous progress has been realised with many students embracing, gaining courage and confidence in it.

She says the school is looking forward to involving students from senior one to senior six preparing them to be future job creators.

Audio: Nakato on project (English)

Lora Kentimba, the outgoing project Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at the school who is also a senior six student, says students are now preparing for world business dynamics after school with specific emphasis on avoiding being job seekers.

“We are now living in a competitive world for both business and jobs. So, when we acquire such skills when we are still in school, it means we will not compete for jobs. We will only need seed capital to be our own bosses by starting up our own enterprises for a living and I am sure in that process, we will be able to employ other people,” she says.

Whitney Rosette Akugizibwe, the incoming CEO and senior three student at the same school, says during her administration, she will ensure that the relish meals produced by the school are sold in supermarkets.

She prepares to have the school share its skills with other schools in the Bunyoro region so that they can feed the population with their products.


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